Thread: displayReverse() function for a linked list

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    displayReverse() function for a linked list


    I'm having trouble completing the function void list::displayReverse() which basically displays the elements in the linked list in reverse. I have tried every possible way but it just doesn't seem to work. It has to bone through a singly linked list. The function is associated with the struct
    struct node
    int data;
    node *next;

    the class private functions
    private :
           node *first;     // start of list
           node *last;     // last in list
    Can someone assist me in this

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    I don't know what is point of creating a custom linked list if it already exists, I assume it is your homework.
    To iterate through list in reverse, you need to supply an additional field:
    node *previous
    Otherwise you have two choices:
    1. Create a temporary array and iterate through the list gathering node pointers. Then iterate through array in reverse.
    2. Get size of the list, and access n-th element, (n-1)-th, (n-2)-th etc, which gives O(n^2) complexity.

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    kmdv completey skipped over the simple and obvious and most likely correct choice for this scenario:
    Do it recursively! Seriously it's like a 3-line function body if you do this
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    Hm... right

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    Ah yes, the "recursive" answer is a good homework answer without actually being a good answer.

    What happens when your list length exceeds your stack space to store a recursive call per node?
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