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    >> did u mean this
    Honnestly, I don't know, I thought you were asking about input operations.

    Why can't you do something like
    int main()
        using std::cout;
        using std::cin; 
        double x,y;
        cout << "enter real part:\n"; 
        cin >> x;
        cout << "enter imaginary part:\n"; 
        cin >> y;
        complex number (x,y);
        cout << "enter real part:\n";
        cin >> x;
        cout << "enter imaginary part:\n";
        cin >> y;
        complex operand (x,y);    
        complex ans = number.multiply(operand); // or whatever math you do
        ans.disp ();
    Don't neglect the disp() function you wrote. I'm not sure what the problem is, but you are probably trying too hard to be clever.

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    @ whiteflags
    actually i gone wrong about ur previous post my tongue languge is not english so sometimes i go in a wrong direction anyway
    as u r saying about the format of input i tried it and succesfully made the program for addition,subtraction, multiplication and division but when i showed it to my teacher he said "thats not what i wanted"
    so i consulted u for another way
    my teacher said dont take values from user on run time just initialize two objects with the given values of complex numbers as i have done in my program
    thats why i m having problems with the definition of multiplication division functions

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