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    Direct USB manipulation

    My problem is im trying to communicate with a device that does not follow the USB specification. Here is the protocol it uses (SAE J1850 Description, Electrical Interface Bus) I am interested in the 10.4Kbps Variable Pulse Width (VPW) single wire approach on the link's page. I was wondering how i would go about detecting the device, and then how i would communicate with it using a USB end connected to a computer, and the other end connected with the ground wire, one data wire, and the power wire. Reading data should be fairly straightforward but if there is something i am not aware of, please let me know.

    I would prefer a operating system independent solution, but if i had to choose an OS, I would prefer a Windows solution.

    And how would i implement the newer standard protocol ISO 15765 CAN which has a high and low wire coming from the device. I assume that it would be just like communicating with a USB device since there are two wires on each. I could probably figure this one out eventually but i would like to avoid any trouble i can.

    I am a proficient C++ programmer, but not an expert by any means. I know some assembly but im also only proficient.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    - Rory
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    Given the signalling voltages, I wouldn't risk making a direct electrical connection to you USB (and PC).

    I would suggest going here -> Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research
    In particular, there is a large USB section, and also a web forum.

    For what it's worth, I think you need something like this
    blueroomelectronics Unicorn kit
    There are 100's of kits like this which sit on the end of a USB cable, and allow you to do all sorts of interesting things. With a bit of digging on LVR (and google), you should be able to find something a lot closer to what you want.
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    Thanks for the reply. Ive checked out that link and that Unicorn kit looks like a cool bit of hardware. I'll look into this and see what i come up with.

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