Thread: Randomizing a person's name

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    Randomizing a person's name


    I'm using some of the lines of code from the tutorials on strings but I have a question.

    Is it possible to take the user's entry of first and last names and shuffle it? Including the location of where the space is?

    A finger pointing towards the direction of my answer would be most appreciated.

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    One possibility would be to use the C strtok() function to separate the strings out into the first and last names:
    /* Assume the first and last name is stored within a C++ string, temp_str */
    temp_ptr = strtok(temp_str.c_str(), " \n");
    /* temp_ptr points to first name */
    temp_ptr = strtok(NULL, " \n");
    /* temp_ptr now points to surname */
    That isn't a very 'clean' way of doing it if you ask me - too much mixing of C with C++ for my liking. You could alternatively use the istream::getline() method. but parsing the string using strtok is probably the single easiest way of doing it.

    Once you have the individual first and last names of a person, shuffling them is easy.

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