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    I need some help

    I have a sourcecode that is updating every day throng SVN
    I want to make a program that is downloading the source code making some changes in some files and compling
    i want some indications,some directions

    im a begginer and this will be my first big project
    i think that i need a source code for the complier
    the downloading i don`t know how to do it
    and i don`t know how to make the complier to complie the source code
    the modifications i think its easy
    you open the file,search for some rows and add the commands that you want

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    Well if you've only just got past single source file "student" homework sized projects, then this is one hell of a jump.

    Have you written multiple source file projects before now?
    Have you got experience of SVN, managed locally on your own machine?

    > I have a sourcecode that is updating every day throng SVN
    I'm guessing then that this isn't your project then.
    All your questions should be aimed at the project maintainers.
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