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    Files using c++

    Write a program to read and write a data file. While writing data follow the following instructions:
    a)Add one space between two successive words.
    b)Capitalize the first character of sentences.
    c)If numerical data is present put them in bracket.

    please help.... i am only able to write and read the data..... but not able to perform the given instructions.......

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    So, what is your code for reading and writing the data?
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    cout<<"\n Enter the string.... Press '.' to exit entering:\n";
    ofstream outfile("tony1.txt");
    cout<<"\n File Written.....\n";
    ifstream infile("tony1.txt");
    cout<<"\n Reading from file....\n";
    cout<<"\n Reading file complete.....\n";

    i hav used the following code.....
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