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    'wrapping' code

    what is meant exactly by the term wrapping code?
    -that is in the context of intergrating code from another language?

    let me explain my problem:

    i am building a system in C++ in a modular fashion (as should be).
    To this end i need to integrate the (entire) functionality of a small but related set of programs written in C. Each console executable uses the same header files & these contain a lot of globals which i want to keep away from the rest of my system. Each program in effect takes command line parameters, a couple of files, and outputs numerical results to std out.

    Ideally, i would like to wrap these programs into a class, and rename each main() in each program as a separate function. This would save me writing code to make a system call to run each executable...

    ...but the header files:

    what options do i have? is the above possible? what are the most common approaches to this problem? i'm a complete newbie with this stuff, so any pointers of comments of any kind would be well received.
    I'm on a tight deadline too, so what's the quicj=kest thing i can do here?



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    Question help! -that was a question b.t.w.


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    Smile ~me again!

    Don't worry people, i've just worked out a way to do it and it doesn't even require so much as an extern "c"....

    ...ah the beauty of the ANSI C & C++ standards!...

    whatever did people do before standardization?
    i guess i'll never know

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    >whatever did people do before standardization?

    Perhaps create their own variant of C so it fits their needs and so that someone else his/her compiler cannot compile it.

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    >whatever did people do before standardization?
    They ran around all willy nilly. Think of all the flavors of BASIC that are around, that was what it was like, except with a better language.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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