Thread: Someone help me a bit here. [ inheritance ]

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    Someone help me a bit here. [ inheritance ]

    class CEntity {
    	CEntity ();
    	virtual	   ~CEntity ();
    	void	   calc_dmg (CEntity &obj);
    class CPlayer : public CEntity {
    class CBattlePlayer : public CPlayer {
    class CEnemy : public CEntity {
    Now say I have:

    CEnemy monster;
    CBattlePlayer player;

    can I call player.calc_dmg (monster)?
    How is inheritance aligned with polymorphism, or is it not? Heh...

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    As long as the function was declared public in the base class then yes you can call it from a derived object. Or you can override it in your derived class and have that function call it by using the base class name the scope operator( :: ) and the function using ur example it would be:

    void CBattlePlayer::calc_dmg(CEntity& obj)
    { CEntity::calc_dmg(CEntity);
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