Thread: Array of Objects with Constructors

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    Array of Objects with Constructors

    Hey, today I was doing some programming and I have come to a little confusion.
    An array of Objects.
    I get objects, and classes and even constructors. But I can't imagine an array of constructors with classes.
    class Human
          float height, weight ; 
            Human(float,float) ;
            void setMeasurements(float,float)  ; 
    Human::Human(float height, float weight) 
       setMeasurements(height,weight) ; 
    Human::setMeasureMents(float height,float weight) 
        Human::height = height ; 
       Human::weight = weight ; 
    int main(void) 
            Human Eman(15.0f,20.0f) ; //Wow I get this part easy
           //when I create an object of userdefined type Human, a constructor is called
        //with 15 and 20 passed as arguments this I send to setM and so on....
        //but this I don't get  an array of object
        Human multipleMe[10] = {(20.0f,10.0f),(18.0f,20.0f)...}  ;
        i'm so confused :S , how is it that constructor parameters (don't know how to describe them)  is initialized as the values for multipleMe?  
            return 0 ; 

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    To use the array initializer the proper syntax is
        Human multipleMe[10] = { Human(20.0f,10.0f), Human(18.0f,20.0f), };
    That's really all there is to it. You would also have to call the constructor as opposed to simply using a variable name when you want the newly constructed object to exist only as long as it is being used or contained. That is a so called temporary object.

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