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    question about time conversion

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what is wrong with this code. I am trying to write a program which will ask the user to enter a time and then add 12 to it if the end char entered is P and the numerical value of the hour is < 12. With the following code, the program adds 12 regardless and I am trying to figure out how to resolve this. Thanks.

    cout << "Enter start time (hh:mm A/P): ";
    float start_hour = 0;
    float start_minute = 0;
    char A = 0;
    char P = 0; 
    char dummy(0);
    cin >> start_hour >> dummy >> start_minute >> A || P;
    if ( P && start_hour <12 );
    	                          start_hour = start_hour + 12;

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    What's A || P supposed to mean?

    What's the ; at the end of the if statement do?

    The answer to both is "not what you're expecting"
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