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    Text adventure Idea...

    I thought up a...whaddaya call those things? Engine? Algorithm? Anyways, its basically an idea i came up with to do a text adventure...Tell me if it would work, how i could change it to make it better, if it's good, whatever...remember im new to this langauge, so go easy on me... anyways, here it is:

    Make an int variable, originally set it to zero. When the player has completed a certain task (i.e., unlock the door) + one to the int varable. Use the int number further in the text adventure, to decide other things based on what you have completed so far. (e.g. if(compl==10){....)

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    sounds good to me...... now just make a game out of it and show us.
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    It would work, but I have made a text adventure in the past, it was actually a text RPG. The key is to make enough encounters to make the game actually entertaining, else what is the point in playing it or even coding it? My game you were an elven prince whose father was killed by a dark force and you set out to kill this dark force. It was real cool, but my favorite part of the game was I made it so you could manage the castle, add new sections to it, increase/decrease taxes.. I actually spent much more time building the castle section of the game the rest of the game was lacking. I dont know, if you are new to programming, this is certainly a good project.

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    yes, indeed. It is a great first project. For one thing, you don't have all the troubles of a real-time game (unless you are making a real-time text adventure, I have seen it done). Basically, all you have to do is make something to handle the rooms in the game (a great way to do this is with classes), something to handle items, maybe a battle engine (if you are making a text-based RPG), a tokenizer, something to handle the NPCs, and set up a TON of flags. Another advantage is you don't need a good artist .

    Another thing that would be good is to study up on english. You need to make the descriptions of rooms great, or the game will bore the player. I am sick of playing games where the longest description is only 5 lines long.

    If you want to make this a sensational project, add something else to the game to seperate it from the crowd of millions of text-based games. Maybe make it semi-graphical, where when you get to certain rooms, a picture is drawn on the screen. Do like blackwyvern maybe, and make a sim mini-game. The possiblilities are endless.

    I am working on a text-based RPG right now. It is going to be semi-graphical, and there is a few mini-games threw in. I just started on the code like 3 days ago. Right now all it does is bring up the ASCII title screen picture of a sword, come up with a main menu, start a new game, exit , and start up a room. All the room does currently is display a description, and it says all the items in the room. I am working on the tokenizer, and something to execute what you want to do (like picking up a item). I got the NPC system about 45% done. Hopefully by next month I will have a functional game. I am setting a goal to finish the engine in about 3 1/2 months. I will then set aside about 2 1/2 months to make all the scripts, dialogue, rooms, items, etc.

    Expect a pre-alpha test in a month and a half. It won't have much in it, just something to show how the game plays, a bit.

    Sorry for turning this into an ad for my game

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    quick question...

    is there anyway to make the text wrap without using '\n'?

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