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    Angry problem with reference string

    this is my code i can't get the function to pass back the string usrname, i don't even think that i did the pointers right...... i have been messing with it for days so it might be a little screwy.

    plz help me.

    int GetChar(string& usrname, int& CharLvl)
    char usr[60];
    char pass[60];
    char temppass[60];
    char *user;
    cout << "Enter 'new' for New Character!" << endl;
    cout << "Username: ";
    cin.getline(usr, 60, '\n');
    if(strcmp(usr, "new") == 0)
    cout << "What is the username you wish to use: ";
    cin.getline(usr, 60, '\n');
    ofstream b_file(usr, ios::noreplace | ios:ut );
    if( !b_file ) {
    cout << "Username In use pick a new name.\n";
    return 1;
    cout << "What password you wish to use: ";
    cin.getline(pass, 60, '\n');
    b_file << pass << endl;
    usrname = &usr[60];
    return 0;
    cout << "Password: ";
    cin.getline(pass, 60, '\n');
    ifstream a_file(usr);
    if (!a_file )
    cout << "Username not found.\n\n";
    return 1;
    a_file.get(temppass, 60, '\n');
    if( strcmp(temppass, pass) != 0 )
    cout << "Invalid Username and or Password!\n\n";
    return 1;
    strcat(usrname, user);
    cout << usr << endl;
    cout << usrname<< endl;
    return 0;

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    ok a couple of things...
    1. usr->username on a char array(usr[60])
         the -> (arrow notation is used for accesing members of a struct
        or a class when the variable is pointer to the object
        example: CMyObject *pobject;
        pobject = new CMyObject;
    struct CMyObject{
         int memberVariable1;
         int memberVariable2;
    2. Whenever you pass a variable by reference... function1(int& myVar)
    modifying that variable from within your function will maintain the new value after the function returns...
    and although you could do this...
    char* pString = string1->c_string();
    why do it just call c_string();
    3. Study classes a little closer... you will notice that the string class has overloaded the = operator
    you can do things like this]
    char buffer[10] = "mickey";
    string string1("mouse");
    string1 = buffer;  //not string1 = &buffer[10]
    hope this helps....
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    --programmer wannabes complain about it--

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