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    Arrow press ESCAPE to exit

    my program is a tollbooth my program is working i just want to know if want to terminate my program using ESCAPE key what should i as it is a funtion key
    here is my code
    # include <iostream>
    # include <conio.h>
    using namespace std;
    class tollbooth
    	long int total_cars;
    	float total_cash;
    	void payingcar()//inline function
    	}//end of function
    	void nonpayingcar()//inline function
    	}//end function
    	void print () //inline function
    		cout<<"total cars passed:"<<total_cars<<endl;
    		cout<<"total cash received:"<<total_cash<<endl;
    	}//end function
    	tollbooth ()
    	}//end constructor
    };//end class
    int main ()
    	tollbooth lahore;
    	char push_key;
    	if (push_key=='1')
    	}//end if
    	if (push_key=='0')
    	}//end else
    	}//end do
    	while (push_key!='@');
    		lahore.print ();
    	getch ();
    }//end main
    here i have used '@' key to get out from loop

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    You can capture it with getch(). As escape is a function key, there is a functional part (to distinguish it from other keys) and the escape part. Then you just compare that to whatever escape is on the system and you can branch to a return statement to quit.

    You could also capture it with buffered input as in cin>> , but the buffering may change what you are looking for. To take an example from another function key, you could capture an enter key with getch() too. You might get CRLF (carriage return, line feed -- /c/r) on windows. But in buffered input the sequence is mashed to \n (newline).

    As for what escape is on your system, or the computers you want to support, I don't remember. Try setting up a simple input routine and debugging for a while to see the actual keys.

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