Thread: Newbie Programmer - Where should I begin?

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    Newbie Programmer - Where should I begin?

    I need a good book or website to start with,

    Thank you

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    a) you're already here.
    b) read the book list thread.
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    Welcome to the forum! I would recommend a lot of reading, particularly tutorials. Understand variables, operators, loops and functions. I think that's the first set of things. Also be sure to do a lot of reading/Googling before asking questions, and when you have questions, try to be as specific as possible and say what you did on your own to (try) to answer your question.

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    A good beginner book would be a must. Unless you want to crawl the book thread and sort the good from bad, I suggest Accelerated C++.
    Remember to try the exercises.
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    I would also suggest typing in every code listing in the book as you come to it, then changing it in subtle ways so that its easier to grasp what exactly it is you are learning.

    (I found that typing out every line helped me to remember what/how things go, don't cut and paste, or save parts of previous examples)

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