Thread: how to compile koolplot in vc++?

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    how to compile koolplot in vc++?

    hi all,
    please anybody tell me how to compile koolplot in vc++.
    or tell me some plotting library available fo compiling in vc++.


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    I have no direct experience of using koolplot, but I would have thought downloading the library, including the main header file (koolplot.h) and then linking to the static library would do the trick.

    I usually don't normally use Visual C++ (although have from time to time), but I would assume you can link static libraries to your project by an option in the IDE. Otherwise you could use the '#pragma' preprocessor directive to link the library into your program. Ofcourse the advantage of using a pragma statement is that including the source code without the project file created by Visual C++ should be everything you need to compile. Which would be useful if you intend to transport your code to an OS which doesn't support Visual C++...

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