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    Read from Console

    Hello all

    I'm developing a c++ code which reads a line from the console like this:


    -I want to check the first character.
    -If it's "a" then i'll put the integer value after the equal on a variable that is an argument of the function. I want to use this variable outside the function (not a global variable)
    -If it's a "b" then it's boolean
    -If it's a "c" then its a string.

    Console example:

    Call my function (maybe something like this):
    int &i;
    bool b;
    char s[50];
    ReadConsoleLine(&a, &b, c);

    The first character is an "a", therefore i'm going to change the variable "a" to 34.

    I have this, code....
    Will this work?
    Any thoughts?

    void ReadConsoleLine(int a, bool b, char *c)
    	char str [50];
    	char tp[5];
    	char * strtoken;
    	scanf ("%s",str);
    	strtoken = strtok (str,"=");
    	while (strtoken != NULL)
    		strtoken = strtok (NULL, "="); //gets the text after the equal
            strncpy (tp,str,1); //gets the first character
            if(strcmp(tp, "a") == 0)//integer
    		a = atoi(strtoken);
            	if(strcmp(tp, "b") == 0)//BOOL
       			b = (strcmp(strtoken, "False");
            		if(strcmp(tp, "c") == 0)//String
         				strcpy(c, strtoken);

    Will this code work?
    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried the code? Does it work?


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    > I'm developing a c++ code which reads a line from the console like this:
    So why is all the code you've written in C then?

    And no, your code will not work.
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