Thread: _declspec behavior

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    _declspec behavior

    Looking at this from MSDN:

    To export all of the public data members and member functions in a class, the keyword must appear to the left of the class name as follows:

    Copyclass __declspec(dllexport) CExampleExport : public CObject
    { ... class definition ... };
    One would think you could have a private std::string and be ok. However the compiler will warn you that clients of your class need a dll interface to access your variable. Now if the export only exports public data members and member functions (public member functions?) why does it give this warning if your private data member is not actually being exported?

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    Both sides of the fence need to agree on sizeof(CExampleExport) for example, so both sides need know what makes a "CExampleExport", even if some of those data members are not exposed publicly.


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