Thread: converting a string into binary for data transfer

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    converting a string into binary for data transfer

    I am working on an embedded project that requires me to transmit data via SPI using a processor that doesn't have built in SPI ports.

    I was wondering if there was a simple library/algorithm/scheme in C++ that can allow me to convert a string into its binary form so I can clock each bit in on a rising clock edge. Thanks!!!!

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    What exactly do you mean by the binary form of a string? When you say a string, are you talking about std::string or a null terminated C-style string?
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    This can easily be generalized to an entire string:
    uint8_t text[] = "Hello";
    uint8_t i;
    uint8_t *p = &text[0];
    /* Transmit the first character. */
    for (i = 0; i < 8; ++i)
        /* Wait for next edge */
        if ((uint8_t)(1 << i) & *p)
            OUT_PORT |= 1 << PIN_NUMBER;
            OUT_PORT &= ~(1 << PIN_NUMBER);
    You can replace the for loop with a static counter if you need to do the sending inside an ISR.
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