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    static member variable


    I have a static member variable "total" and I want to use it inside this class.
    Can somebody explain me why this doesn't work?

    #include "Artikel.h"
    class WinkelCar {
    		void add(int index, Artikel *object);
    		void ShowCar();
    		Artikel *array[2];
    		static int total;
    int WinkelCar::total = 0;
    If i compile this, I get this error:
    ld: duplicate symbol WinkelCar::total      in /var/folders/LO/LOQvxAvTExyhCT-wRaKGYU+++TI/-Tmp-//ccH9KXCA.o and /var/folders/LO/LOQvxAvTExyhCT-wRaKGYU+++TI/-Tmp-//ccObRT7c.o
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Thank you very much

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    It looks like you're #including your class.cpp file in multiple other source files.
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    ty that was the error

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