Thread: compiler is not supporting data type long long and unsigned long

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    compiler is not supporting data type long long and unsigned long

    plz help me,
    I am using a turbo c++ and dev-c++ 4.9 ver compiler now i want to declare a variable as date type long long or unsigned long because the variable may be 20 digits in length which means 64 bits of binary plz help me which compiler to use is there any method to change the data in the header file limits.h

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    Well you're screwed if you want to do this with TurboC. It's a 20 year old 16-bit compiler!
    Someone is wasting YOUR TIME AND MONEY if they're teaching you with this crap.

    You should also ditch dev-c++ in favour of Code::Blocks
    It at least uses a more up to date version of GCC, so you should be able to use long long quite happily.
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