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    iterator string

    59:	string::iterator it = line.begin();
    60:	int j = 0;
    61:  	for ( ; it < line.end(); it++)
    62:  		for ( ; j < width_; j++ )
    63:    	maze_[i][j] = *it;
    compiler says:
    61: error: ‘it’ was not declared in this scope

    I say:

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    Provide the smallest possible compilable code that demonstrates the problem?
    Quote Originally Posted by Adak View Post
    io.h certainly IS included in some modern compilers. It is no longer part of the standard for C, but it is nevertheless, included in the very latest Pelles C versions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

    Outside of your DOS world, your header file is meaningless.

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    From those lines of codes pretty much the only cause i can find for that error is that you forgot to use the std namespace (ie. need to use std::string::iterator).

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