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    Array of Struct sort

    I have read many topics regarding sort but i wasn`t able to sort them. I am new in C++. What changes i must do to sort the names alphabetically ?

    #include "stdafx.h"
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    class classroom
        string studentName;
        void classroom::createStudent(string);
    void classroom::createStudent(string name)
    int main()
        //number of students
        const int numstudents=10;
        //create structure
        classroom student[numstudents];
        //initialize variables
        student[0].createStudent("Alexa Trina");
        student[1].createStudent("George Ali");
        student[2].createStudent("Comina Riviera");
        student[3].createStudent("Dimitri Askin");
        student[4].createStudent("Erato Georgin");
        student[5].createStudent("Georgina Mare");
        student[6].createStudent("Konan Varvi");
        student[7].createStudent("Lampros Anesti");
        student[8].createStudent("Marina Parate");
        student[9].createStudent("Nikon Smith");
        return 0;//indicate that program end succesfully
    }//end main
    Thanks for you time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fukki View Post
    What changes i must do to sort the names alphabetically ?
    1. #include <algorithm>
    2. Define the less-than operator for your classroom class (operator<). Have this operator compare the std::string studentName member variable.
    3. Call the stl std::sort function on your array.

    ...and presto your array is sorted.

    From a design standpoint it does not make a lot of sense to have a classroom class that stores a single student... and then create an array of classroom objects (each storing a single student) to represent one "classroom". It would make more sense to have a student class representing a single student and then a classroom class representing a single classroom (of multiple students). The classroom object could have an internal std::vector<student> container that stores all the students for that class and an AddStudent function that creates a new named student object and inserts that onto the classroom object's internal student vector. But, that's just my opinion.
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