Thread: getline comparison + audiobooks

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    getline comparison + audiobooks

    I am trying to read a formatted file where the first two characters in each line denotes the type of line it is, it's related to music.
    For instance "T:" denotes its the title.
    One song can have many titles (there folk songs) which will be on consecutive lines in the same file

    T:Mullingar Lee, The
    T:Nine Pint Coggie, The
    I want to make it so if one song has many titles they are output to the screen using apostrophes to space them.

    in pseudocode

    if(title this line and next)
    output name and apostrophe
    output name and endline
    I dont know how to compare or check as I am using getline to read each individual line, should I use two getlines with a one line offset between them?
    I thought the function peek() might work but don't think the characters are there to be read with getline. Any help would be appreciated.

    Besides that I would love to get an audiobook on c++ to listen to while coding or on the bus etc.. are there any free ones or good quality pay ones that don't break the bank.


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    You could use a bool flag? Initially it would be set to false and then each time you read in a line and it is a title, the flag is set to true.
    when you read the next line, if it's a title, it checks if the flag is true (ie, the previous line was a title), if it is true, then you can do whatever you want. Whenever you read a line that isn't a title, you set the flag to false.

    There are probably loads of ways to do this, and people far more experienced than me will probably give you a much better solution, however this is the first that popped into my head.

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    Excellent Idea actually.. thanks!

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