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    Array Question

    I have a math quiz program that you can select a problem type or random, it will provide a summary. I need to add an array that will track all problems as well as answers. My question is should I use a multidimensional array or will a standard array work? Thanks

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    How about:

    struct Problems
       std::string problem;
       std::string answer;
    std::vector<Problems> my_problems;

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    Thanks for the reply, this is for a beginning programming class and I am not looking to get my homework done.

    The answer is probably more advanced than I need. The program gives math problems with randomly generated numbers. I need a display at the end that shows each problem with supplied answer and if correct or not. If the answer is wrong show the correct answer.

    I have the program showing this information when the question is answered a summary with totals and percentage correct.

    I need this information plus a repeat of the problem in a summary.

    My question is would a multidimensional array do this in one array or should I set up an array for each situation (Addition right and wrong ect...).


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    The way I see it is this:
    You have a problem.
    You need to display the problems at the end.

    A problem can modeled as a question, an answer, the correct answer and if it was answered correctly or not.

    So that tells us that our requirements are:
    - We need a model of a problem (a structure or a class).
    - We need to store N problems. This implies an array (or more commonly, a vector).

    Since the problem is one-dimensional, a multi-dimensional array does not make sense.
    I would expand upon what jimblumberg gave you. It should be all you need to crack this.
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    Thanks again

    That is the way I was thinking as well thanks for the confirmation..Still need to do some more reading on arrays...

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