Thread: i need some advices

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    i need some advices

    (first of all, my english still needs some help so sorry for my mistakes if i have)
    i dont know if its the right forum for my question but i guess here i can get some help.
    i am realy begginner in the program developping i used to learn TP and Delphi and i realy liked it but its been a long time ago.
    i was going to go to school in this year but i couldnt, so now i have to wait a year again but still i want to deal with it. i just have no idea wich language that i could learn for my own.
    thanks for your advices

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    Lol well you posted in the C++ forum so maybe you should try C++ ;o). Tutorial: Introduction to C++

    Is a good start. There are alot of different tutorials on C++ (type C++ tutorial in google search). You'll need to get a suitable IDE, and then you can compile C++ code into a .exe file and start having fun ;o). If you look through some older posts in this forum you should be able to find alot of information on different freeware compilers that are available, and the positive/negative sides to each. From what I can tell the most important thing seems to be just getting one that is still supported and updated.
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