Thread: C++ Information Hiding, Abstraction, Access Specifiers

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    You probably won't use a spoon properly the first time you see it, even if eating with it is such a basic activity. You sure can figure it out, eventually, but it is so much faster to see how others use it, isn't it? That's why there are usually example codes to illustrate how a class/library should be used. Oh, and IntelliSense (whether in Visual Studio, or not) comes to the rescue, giving you the info you seek at hand.
    Having tools does not excuse you from respecting conventions. End-user might not have Visual Studio and all those tools.
    And it is even faster, if the library is written in a smart, intuitive way and can be used without constant looking into the documentation.

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    I don't consider the necessity to learn how to use given tool a problem at all. It's just how things work. And I certainly agree with you on the "smart" and "intuitive way".
    So I think I fail to see your point.

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    Hey I never got notification about more answers..but thanks all I get the point now..
    and I suppose I will even more as I use it OOP more

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