Thread: storing characters read from text file in 2 different string

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    storing characters read from text file in 2 different string

    I wanted to ask you all a question.
    suppose that my c++ program has read from a text file a set of characters like the one below using the command inData >> temp. i output the characters of the text file and stored all the characters in a string temp.
    this is how it appears in the c++ output window:


    Now i want to store the 'spades','spades','clubs','spades','spades' in a string known as string suit. And i want to store the 'ace','10','3','king','5' in another string to be known as string face.
    This is where i am stuck. I can't seem to understand how to do it. I think that i have to create 2 string array.
    i tried this:
    str= temp;
    //cout << str << endl;
    but it's not working.
    then i tried this:
    //str = temp-'Spades';
    it's definitely not working.
    if someone could plz help me....

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    Why don't you first try to save ALL the data? You could use a string array, a class container, a struct container, or a vector, its all up to you. Try saving all the data then cout the data and report back with your output and the code.
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    You could use just one array and hold the card number, 1 of 52 possibilities, as an integer.

    Let’s say there are 100 hands of 5 cards.

    Int My_hand[100][5];

    8 of Clubs
    King of Diamonds
    3 of Hearts
    Ace of Spades
    10 of spades

    My_hand[1][1] = 8
    My_hand[1][2] = 26 (King of Diamonds)
    My_hand[1][3] = 29
    My_hand[1][4] = 40
    My_hand[1][5] = 49

    Then loop thru 52 if statements:

    if My_hand[x][y] = 27
    print "Ace of Hearts"
    else if My_hand[x][y] = 28
    print "Two of Hearts" etc…

    Or you could use 2 arrays:

    Int My_hand_suit[100][5];
    Int My_hand_face[100][5];

    My_hand_suit[1][1] = 1
    My_hand_face[1][1] = 8

    My_hand_suit[1][2] = 2
    My_hand_face[1][2] = 13 (King of Diamonds) etc…

    Then 2 loops and 13 if statements.

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