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    Memory status

    I am trying to use the GlobalMemoryStatus() function to find out memory avilability in a PC.
    I am not having much success. Could anybody explain its usage with an example?
    Many thanks

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    PHP Code:
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()

    GlobalMemoryStatus( &MemStat );

    printf"%ld %% of Memory in use.\n"MemStat.dwMemoryLoad );
    printf"\n" );
    printf"%ld bytes of physical memory.\n"MemStat.dwTotalPhys );
    printf"%ld bytes of physical memory available.\n"MemStat.dwAvailPhys );
    printf"\n" );
    printf"%ld bytes of pagefile memory.\n"MemStat.dwTotalPageFile );
    printf"%ld bytes of pagefile memory available.\n"MemStat.dwAvailPageFile );
    printf"Note that this number does not represent the actual physical size of the paging file on disk.\n" );
    printf"\n" );
    printf"%ld bytes of virtual memory.\n"MemStat.dwTotalVirtual );
    printf"%ld bytes of virtual memory available.\n"MemStat.dwAvailVirtual );


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