Thread: I seriously need help.

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    Red face I seriously need help.

    I have a project that's due tomorrow... i fail hard lol, i didnt even know.

    The problem is, i need to write some kind of program that resembles an airline service, with 1 plane, i have to be able to save a client's information into each sit , and know if it's taken or not.

    I have no idea where i'm gonna start but i believe i have to use structures for the clients right? The question is, how do i save information into a structure and THEN save it into an array? arrays would be the seats.

    Could somebody explain that to me instead of telling me to go to google? cause i've been looking since this morning and there's nothing noob-friendly


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    If you have a structure like this:
    struct Client {
      /* fields */
    You can create an array of them the same way you would create an array of any other data type:
    Client c[10];
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    So what exactly have you been doing for the past 6 weeks?
    What do i need ? Help needed

    Sorry, but if you lack the interest to have spend ANY time at all on it during that time, then you deserve to fail.

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    We're not here to save your ass just because "it's tomorrow".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem View Post
    So what exactly have you been doing for the past 6 weeks?
    What do i need ? Help needed
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    WOW strikes again.

    You don't seriously need help, you need to buckle down and take your education seriously.

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    best post title ever mate, youre not wrong,. now finish your pint and go and beg an extension off your tutor, and write a 1000 lines too, cout not allowed
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