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    i've been wanting a book on programming under the win32api for quite a while, i've heard petzold is the best and ive read a couple of reviews. I've read that if i'd rather program windows using old fashioned c rather than c++ and MFC then this is the book for me. I know some c but i want to continue programming using c++, is this still the best book for me and is there an alternative for c++.

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    Petzold teaches WinAPI....not C or C++ so to speak, so you will not suffer in that regard.

    If you want to use C++ then try Windows Programming with MFC by J Prosise. But you would be much better off to read Petzold first is it will give you the idea of how windows GUI programming works.

    P.S. you would have benefited from posting this on General Disc....or at least the Windows board

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