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    Remove text from external file....

    To whom it may concern,

    I'm working on this program that require to remove text from the external file:
    Ex. test.dat
    I like this
    you like that
    Bluh bluh

    int main()
    istream read;
    char temp[100];

    //read from the external file line by line and store it somewhere... how?
    cout <<"Enter line or the first word to be remove:" ;
    cin.get( temp, 100, '\n');
    //user enter "I like this"
    //and then compare the two line or word.. then delete the alike from the "test.dat". So, what it has left is just:

    you like that
    bluh bluh


    Thank you in advance.

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    The examples that you were giving me from the faq page is just an example is reading text from the file and cout to the screen. What I need is to read text from the file and delete text from that file...

    thank you,

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    Read text from file into an array
    delete text you don't want from array.
    Write array back to file.

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