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    some easy help needed

    Ok, suppose two teams are playing a game against each other, and the winner will advance to the next round. I have to randomly choose one out of two teams chosen, based on their rank out of 16, to advance. How would I do this using RandGen? The team ranked 1 will play 16, rank 2 plays 15, rank 3 plays 14... etc.

    and for the rank 1 against rank 16 game, the odds are in rank 1's favor, except there is sitll a chance of rank 16 winning.

    thanks a lot for help.
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    int t1,t2;


    goto re;

    cout<<"TEAM "<<t1<<" chosen";
    cout<<"TEAM "<<t2<<" chosen";


    not tested program/code

    random() = stdlib.h

    random(17) = randomely selects any num from 0 to 16, that's why i added 1 to t1,t2

    if you don't want goto [nobody likes it] use do-while. it's better but goto is simple.

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    this is the code my teacher gave us to look at.
    it doesn't go up to the final four or the semifinals.
    struct region
    apstring name;
    void main()
    //East Midwest South West
    ifstream infile;"bracket.dat",ios::in);
    for(int i=0; i<4; i++)
    getline(infile, bracket[i].name);
    for(int j = 1; j <=16; j++ )
    getline(infile, bracket[i].teams[j]);
    RandGen n;
    // games in a region
    for( i = 0; i<4; i++ )
    cout<<bracket[i].name<<" Region\n";
    for(int j=1; j<=8; j++)
    int t = n.RandInt(1,17);
    cout<<"Game "<< j << endl;
    <<" vs. "

    cout<<"Winner is ";
    if(j < 17 - t)
    cout << bracket[i].teams[j] << endl;
    cout << bracket [i].teams[17-j] << endl;

    cin.get();// creates a pause between brackets
    system("cls");// clear the screen


    //end code

    ok i dont get the ........

    cout<<"Winner is ";
    if(j < 17 - t)
    cout << bracket[i].teams[j] << endl;
    cout << bracket [i].teams[17-j] << endl;

    ........ part of that

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