Thread: Pseudo Code (Please Help)

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    Pseudo Code (Please Help)

    I need Pseudo Code:

    1. Declare variables
    2. Accept Input – weeklySales
    3. Calculate Gross Pay = Weekly Sales * .07
    4. Calculate Federal Tax = Gross Pay * .18
    5. Calculate Social Security = Gross Pay * .06
    6. Calculate Retirement = Gross Pay * .1
    7. Calculate Total Deductions = Federal Tax + Social Security + Retirement
    8. Calculate Total Take Home Pay = Gross Pay – Total Deductions
    9. Display the following on separate lines and format variables with $ and decimal
    a. Total Sales Amount: value of weekly sales
    b. Gross Pay (.07): value of gross pay
    c. Federal Tax paid (.18): value of federal tax
    d. Social Security paid (.06): value of social security
    e. Retirement contribution (.1): value of retirement
    f. Total Deductions: value of total deductions
    g. Take Home Pay: value of take home pay

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    What is your question? Also, what exactly does this have to do with C++, e.g., are you asking for help in translating some pseudocode related to what you posted into C++?
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