Thread: best c++ book for newibe

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    best c++ book for newibe

    hello guys

    i'm proud to join this community and be with you guys

    so i saw the sticky thread but i can't figure out what the best book

    i'm new to programming

    but i was reading a book called : starting out c++ early objects 5th edition

    and i already finshed to the 7th chapter but then i decide to got a new book in modern c++

    i tried to work with Accelerated c++ but i can't work with it it's not in my way

    so i need a new book and waiting your recommenditions but please tell me for Begining

    from novoice

    ah and i'm 14 years old only


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    C++ Language Tutorial It ain't a book, but it helped me learn almost everything I know about C++ and OOP in general. Go in order, and never skip. If for whatever reason you prefer a book-like format, it, as you can see at the top of that page, is available as a pdf book. There's also this site, but IMHO, it's tutorials are more for if you know what you're looking for, and really just need to refresh or reference a topic.

    As for your age, you'll find a lot of programmers start early. I was 14(I'm 16 now.) w/o a computer in my household, when i took up TI-BASIC on my school issued calculator. There's a guy in my AP Comp Sci class that started at age 9!
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    maybe i think in them


    the book that's called c++ primer plus is that's a good book to start with ????

    any other recommends ??????

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    Practical C++ Programming is pretty good

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    I like "C++ from the Ground Up" by Herbert Schildt.
    It is good price from Amazon

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