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    Graphic Manipulation Library

    Is there any simple guide/sample/solution to work on graphics and add effects?

    Here is what I need to do...

    I need to make a dll to which an Image will be sent as an hBITMAP object. I need to apply blur effect on it and then return the changed object as hBITMAP... that's all.

    I do not need the code to be written but merely guidelines on how I should approach.

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    A good start for a blur effect would be to do a box blur. Basically that consists of making each pixel in the new image equal to the average of the pixels around it. The "pixels around it" can consist of whatever group of pixels you want, really, but often it's a 5x5 box with the original pixel in the center.
    The cool thing about box blur is that you can apply in in succession (that is, box-blurring an already blurred image), and the result as you apply boxblur more and more is an approximation of gaussian blur. Doing box blur 3 times is considered a close enough approximation.
    There's some good info here (PDF).

    Note that you should make a new hBITMAP and return that rather than changing the image in-place because the blur won't turn out right on an image that's being changed while calculating blur. I don't know if you had this in mind or not but that's the case no matter what algorithm you use.
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    Thank you for the guidance.

    I'll try it and post the code here.

    Thanks Again.

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