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    duration of function

    Im creating software for control a device , but i have problem.

    Data = 0;
    i = 0;
    while( i < NumberOfGate ){
    	if(FALSE == C8855ReadData( 	hC8855,
    		Form1->Memo2->Lines->Add("Read data ERROR.");
    	Data = CntData + Data;
    	 if( Terminated ) break;
    DataArray[z] = Data ;
    Function C8855ReadData() read out data from device. Sometime is data lost by transmission of signal. At that time function (and software) to freeze, because still waiting to data.
    I need fixed this problem.

    Exist a function according any maximal time to executing my function
    ( C8855ReadData() )?

    thx .... PoolO
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    You will need to put this data grabbing into a thread of it's own, so you can wait for completion and if it does not finish in a set amount of time, do something about it (cancel, retry or whatever).

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    Apart from the spawning a thread, another way is to use asynchronous read/write APIs.

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