Thread: String getting cut off

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    String getting cut off

    Hello, I'm just learning C++, and I was working with C++-style strings when something stumbled me.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        string szOriginal, szPlease;
        cout<<"Please type a message for me to reprint with the word 'please' at the end!\n";
        getline(cin, szOriginal, '\n');
        szPlease = szOriginal + szPlease;
        szOriginal[0] = '\0';
        szPlease[0] = '\0';
    Basically, what it's supposed to do is add 'please.' to the end of the phrase. However, this code always cuts out the first word.

    e.g. "Give me some toast" becomes " me some toast please."

    Assistance would be appreciated!

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    That is basically what you've told it to do. What's the problem?


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    cin>>szOriginal; // gets first word of sentence into szOriginal
    getline(cin, szOriginal, '\n'); // overwrites first word with the rest of the sentence

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    Thank you very much! This problem is solved!

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    Wow, what a way to confuse readers of your code!
    The 'sz' prefix of Hungarian notation refers to a C-style string, but you use it on std:: strings. That's one reason I stopped using Hungarian notation a long time ago.

    BTW, you also forgot to #include <string>
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