Thread: floating number/percentage outputiing issue

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    floating number/percentage outputiing issue

    i cant figure out how to display the damn floating number that represents percentage.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        const int theNumber = 8888;
        float percentage;
        for(int n = 0; n <= theNumber; n++)
            percentage = (n / theNumber * 100);
            cout<<percentage<<" - "<<n<<"-> I'll be an excellent programmer."<<endl;

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    What is your output on what you have?

    If the precision is the problem look here

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    percentage = (n / theNumber * 100);
    This is performing integer math, not floating-point math.
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    If the result is less than 100%, then the decimals would be chopped off and you get 0, multiply it by 100 which is still 0.
    You need to change one of the sides to a float or double.
    For example:
    percentage = (n * 1.0f / theNumber * 100);
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