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    purify code

    Hello there,
    i am currently using visual studio 2008, i wish to purify some code i wrote, how do i get purifier to link my code after building it on VS?
    any help you can give would greatly be appreciated
    many thanks

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    When you say "purify some code", are you talking about the use of Rational Purify, or a tool like Purify, or something else? Exactly which version of Visual Studio 2008 are you using?
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    hi there,
    I am using rational purifyplus,
    i am using S" 2008 version 9.0.21022.8,

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    Purify does not "link" your code. You do not need to build your code in any special way whatsoever (though having debug symbols makes the results a lot more useful). Just run Purify and point it at your program.
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