Thread: Output from Code::Blocks Compiler

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    Unhappy Output from Code::Blocks Compiler


    I am a beginner. After running my first program, I am unable to locate the output file and to view the output from the source code.

    I also wish to see the command window after debugging, indicating my output such as " Hello World"


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    If you're looking for an executable, you need to look in the Debug or Release folders of your project folder, depending on the target you built. If you just want to run the program, the green arrow ought to run the Debug build, if you have one.

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    Look at your projects output folder for your executable. In VC++ its usually at:

    ../Debug/ or

    The code for displaying a "Hello World" message in your console application is:

    #include <iostream>
    void main() 
      std::cout << "Hello World" << endl;
      system("PAUSE"); // or std::cin.get(), whatever you like

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    Well when you press F9 in code::blocks it should run and show you the exe anyway but other than that the executable should be in the same folder path as the c++ file so find the source file and the .exe should be there

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    Hi All, thanks for your meaningful help. I had it just as you said)))

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