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    sorting apstring help

    I have a linked list of several US capitals in which I need to put in alpha order. Each node of my linked list looks like this....

    struct node
    apstring capital;
    node *next;

    and the capitals are....


    any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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    What is your problem exactly? My crystal ball has been decommissioned.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    how to do it depends on what type of list you are using and what methods are available in apstring.

    If you are using a list which is an instance of the STL list class, then you can use the generic STL function called sort() or a list member function called sort(), I belive. If you have an aplist class it might have similar functionality.

    Otherwise, you can write your own sorting function. I prefer to sort at time of insertion. But you could develop your own "bubble sort" to work with a list too, I suppose. It might look something like this (code not compiled or tried):

    //use a node called current nd previous to help keep your place
    node * current;
    node * previous;
    //if your list's head node is not already a "blank" holding node, make it so.
    node * blank = new node;
    blank->next = head;
    head = blank;
    delete blank;
    blank = NULL;
    //likewise create a blank end node 
    node * end = new node;
    end->next = NULL;
    //and put it in place
    current = head->next;
    while(current-next != NULL)
      current = current->next;
    current->next = end;
    //now bubble the "largest" node capital to the spot before end
    while(end != head->next->next)//need two nodes to compare!
      //each time through list (re)set current and previous
      current = head->next;
      previous = head;
      while(current->next != end) //need two nodes to compare!
        //compare nodes using the > operator if available in apstring 
        if(current->capital > current->next->capital)
        //if > not overloaded in apstring use strcmp()
        //if(strcmp(current->capital, current->next->capital) > 0)
          //switch nodes current and current-next to get bubble effect
          blank = current->next->next;
          previous->next = current->next;
          current->next->next = current;
          current->next = blank;
          current = current->next;
      //advance end one to the left
      end = current->next;

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    after posting my code above, I've had the nagging feeling I left something out. Now I know what it is. You should put a blank node called tail at the end of the list, and assign tail to end before you start sorting the list. That way there will always be a tail with NULL at the last pointer called next. If you just keep shifting end to the left each time through the outer loop, then there won't be a NULL at the "tail end" of the list.

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