Thread: Hi ... parsing a char*

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    Hi ... parsing a char*

    Hi ... I'm new to c++ programming and i'm trying to parse a large char* which contains something like this :

    Header 1
    Header 2

    Login name

    and i need to save them into variables (array of strings maybe? )

    Here is my try ... I dont know how to take all the chars and put then on the string ... also if you think of a better way of doing this it would be great !!! thank you

    void parsing(char* reply){
        int j=0;
        for(int i=0;i<reply.length();i++){
            int next=i+1;
            int fwd=i+2;
            if( (reply[i]=='\n')&&(reply[fwd]=='=') ){
                parseddata[j]= //HELP HERE :(
    both arrays i have then already declared

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    Use C++ strings if you're actually programming in C++ and use stringstream - C++ Reference

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    Thank you. I took a look at what you mentioned but still haven't been able to make it work, because I dont know how to limit what I'm extracting .

    I could use getline() and store each line separately in a string array but I would still need to check if what I got is one of the parameters I need .. I dont want the headers to be stored. What I think that differences the data I want is a \n then a character which can be a, b, c d, e and then a '='.

    What I would need is a way to extract from a char* to a string some data until \n+char+= combination arrives ... what do you think ?

    Edit: I almost got it, combining some for, while and using substr But it doesn't sem to work ok, the string that I got is too long. That reference you posted is helping me a lot, thanks again !

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