Thread: set_intersection of two sets

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    set_intersection of two sets

    How to find the set intersection of two sets using STL algorithm?

    set<int> s1;
    set<int> s2;
    //& want to save it in set s i.e. s = s1^s2
    set<int> s;
    //i.e. s=?
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    Check here for an example:

    set_intersection - C++ Reference
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    It gives the number of the element in the given example.. I want to get the intersected set.

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    It gives the intersected set. The example just uses it only to display its size.
    I might be wrong.

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    it gives the intersected set but the size of v doesn't change with the intersection size.

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    You're concerned that v may be too large? Then may I suggest using a back insert iterator to put elements of the intersected set at the end of the vector:
      #include <iterator>
      vector<int> v;
      set_intersection (first, first+5, second, second+5, back_inserter(v));
      cout << "intersection has " << v.size() << " elements.\n";
    Output iterators usually start at the beginning, which will overwrite elements instead of letting the vector (or whatever) grow naturally. See back_insert_iterator - C++ Reference

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