Thread: HELP: pair-value search & replace

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    HELP: pair-value search & replace

    Does anyone know to quickly make a multiple search & replace app (in either C or C++)? Am not interested in searching multiple files, just one file. I want to translate a list of unicode characters into something else (pair-value lookup table) ... so it's basically a crude/naive translator!

    I just need a quick pseudocode to get me started. Or maybe there's an opensource/free code already written?

    PS: Or maybe it's easier quicker with sed/awk/perl?

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    Did you try to do it yourself? Yes, there are open sources like Notepad++ (if this is what you are looking for).

    Nice copy & paste btw:


    PS: Or maybe it's easier quicker with sed/awk/perl?

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    Yeah - that deserves a close, so we don't waste any more time on someone so selfish.
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