Thread: Could this work?

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    Could this work?

    If so... what is the difficulty level?
    Is there anyone who is willing to do it for me?

    I have come up with an idea that helps people figure possibilities. The basic idea of the program is that it asks you a serious of questions and plugs that info in to an unseen data chart (like an excel spreadsheet). The program would be set up like the TurboTax program. It asks you questions ans plugs those answers else where. These "plugs" or answers may need to be manipulated mathematically (without the user seeing the process). I'm sorry i can not go in to much more detail, unless you are willing to make the program for me.

    * Please keep explanations basic as I do not know much at all about C programming. *


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    Yes, it could work. Difficulty level of about 11.4.


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    It would help if the serious questions were of the kind that have a mathematical answer. If not, there is nothing to manipulate mathematically.
    I might be wrong.

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    So how much money do you offer for this? Not that I'll do it (unless you offer enough, but I doubt you have that much money), but for the rest (read: the odd single person) who might consider it.

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    It sounds like a vague description of an expert system.
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    Please keep explanations basic as I do not know much at all about C programming.
    Yes, it's possible. Every other statement depends on the details you need. If you don't know C and need a programmer, I'd try a wider audience. Do you need this to work in C? From my experience, I'd say collect all your non programming requirements first. "must be written in C" might not be one of them. With those requirements, ask an expert. Maybe it will be way easier (read: cheaper) in another language. Or maybe that has already been done.

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    As has been said this is possible and many user friendly apps and surveys use this exact approach. I would agree with nvoigt in that 'must be in C' is probably not a requirement for this project and would go as far as to advise you to use something else. If this is going to be web-based you could use Flash, C#, or one of the plethora of other web-based scripts and languages available today. I would recommend using Flash if this is web-based, Windows-based, and the Adobe Flash Player is available. But again that is because of my experience with Flash/ActionScript and my lack of experience with other scripts/languages that could also do the job just as well.

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    Thanks for your responses! All of the questions are purly mathematical in nature. They will be questions like "How much do you spend in gas a week?" "What percent of your taxes is withheld from your check each pay-period?". This program will be simple FLASH. My idea is to start a website with a programmer and a web-developer and provide an original service to those who are interested.

    To those who are interested; I am looking for a partner, as this will be your design you will receive a percentage of the on-going profit. Now I understand you can't just make a business decision without knowing more info. But I am only will to share info with those who are genuinely interested. Email me at stormdizzle at g mail dot com <sorry for the code haha I don't know this forum's policy on broadcasting emails and I'm def not here to clutter up your guys' quality forum!>

    So if you are interested then email me and let's talk about this possible business venture. Trust is a huge issue so be polite and understanding.

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