Thread: system calls with cygwin

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    system calls with cygwin

    I'm having some difficulty with the use of system calls.

    I cannot get any system calls to work on any other machine besides my development workstation.

    All the machines that I have tried this on are running windows XP.

    I thought it was a cygwin dll dependency but I literally copied the entire contents of the cygwing\bin directory into the into the directory with this program and nothing...

    int main(int argc, char** argv) 
        int error;
        error =  system( "notepad.exe" );
        printf( "ERROR: %d \n", error);
        return (EXIT_SUCCESS);

    This program shows the system call having an error 127 every time on any other system but mine.

    Any Ideas?

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    It seems that the original cygwin1.dll from my development machine makes the system call fail. If I install cygwin locally then use the dll from that install the system calls work.

    Does cygwin build customs dlls for every installation?

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    Is it possible to build a statically linked version? That would eliminate the need for each target machine to possess the necessary dlls for the program to run.
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    1) Cygwin does no such thing.
    2) It's not the system call that fails. Your program doesn't even launch.
    3) You cannot compile cygwin programs statically. cygwin1.dll must be a dynamic library because of the way Cygwin works.
    4) I suspect that you did something wrong in copying your cygwin1.dll to the other systems.
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