Thread: Need Help in OOP Project !!!

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    Need Help in OOP Project !!!

    Hi ppls , I need help in designing a OOP project regarding a title " Telephone Bill"
    Below is the listed information.
    Design the necessary classes and member functions to achieve the following tasks :

    a. Allow user to enter customer information such as customer name, account number,
    address and type of phone line.
    b. Accept entry of the number of minutes for local call, and/or long distance call.
    c. Accept entry of the number of SMS.
    d. Compute the local air time charges, and/or long distance air time charges based on
    the destination country.
    e. Compute the total SMS charges.

    Email me at <<nobody cares>>
    Thanks for your help !!!
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    c++ OOP project ideas

    Wow. Just wow.

    1. Don't bump old threats. Especially not THIS old.
    2. Do your own homework.
    3. Don't request answers in your email.
    4. I'll do it for 10.000 euro. PM me if interested.
    Woah let me add some more for this post:
    5. Don't double post.
    6. Read on how to ask smart questions.
    7. I just raised my price, I'll do it for 25.000 euro's now.
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