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    uhh gee...laughing at me and making everything seems SOO obvious and you feel a lot better but i sure don't...

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    Just ignore people who do that, they're idiots. Sometimes we'll react harshly if you ask a question that could easily be searched for, but legitimate questions are usually treated with respect. At least by those who are willing and able to answer.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    ... What the hell are you babbling about?

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    noticing your subject, mixed with your seemingly detatched thread, i sure hope it isnt me you are referring to.

    i always try to be respectful and helpful. if i have ever done anything to offend you, please let me know.
    I came up with a cool phrase to put down here, but i forgot it...

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    No I was not referring to you, it was to rmullen in another post, he was being "less than supportive" if you know what i mean.
    Sorry for the mix up.

    being here makes me feel retarded too!!! heh

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    >>being here makes me feel retarded too!!! heh
    I once had the same feeling to. I talked to my shrink about it and he said:
    Don't worry maes, that feeling will never pass better get used to it
    I was a whole new person when I left his office.

    Hey man, don't take it so seriously. as long as you don't ask a clear screen question you have nothing to worry about.
    .... (notice the 4 . so I don't mean ...)
    You didn't ask the clrscr() question, did you?

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