Thread: Resetting Clock()???

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    Resetting Clock()???

    Ok, i have my code:

    int seconds;
    	clock_t clock();
    	seconds = clock()/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
    	if (seconds == 8){
    if ((AdventureGame.keypressed[DIK_F]) && (WOO.positionX == -10)){
    		//reset clock() here
    the clock starts when the program is run and after 8 secs, FIVE moves position.
    When i press F, i want FIVE to reset its position [which it does], and to reset the clock(), so that after 8 secs, FIVE will move again.
    Anyway to do this?
    Using Windows 7, visual studio

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    You can't reset the clock(), so you should use another variable to save the old value, then compare that to the latest.
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