Thread: Array of words(strings)- please help!

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    Array of words(strings)- please help!


    I want to create a simple program of arranging words in column. I found that this is like array. I know array of characters whereby you define type as char, whereby array elements are characters, now how to declare array of words so that array elements are words?


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    You can use a 2D array of characters. ( char foo[ rows ][ cols ] )
    You can use an array of pointers-to-char. ( char *foo[ SIZE ] )
    You can use a pointer-to-pointer-to-char. ( char **foo )

    You will have to use some dynamic memory allocation for the last two. You have to supply both sizes for the first one. And, since it turns out I somehow ended up on the C++ forum, you can use the actual string class.

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    Depends what you want to do with it, but the easiest thing it to use an STL vector of strings.

    std::vector<string> myVev.

    Then you can add, remove, sort or whatever else you might want to do.

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    Are there that many of us?

    I gather an infinite number of us, given an infinite number of compilers could write a half-decent "Hello world" program.

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